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Martin Handcraft Standard Tenor

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Hey guys, I just picked up a 1938 Handcraft Standard serial#131XXX that I am trying to turn around and resell. I was wondering if anyone had more info on this period of horn as the history seems a bit foggy. Is it a handcraft? handcraft committee? handcraft/comm II hybrid? Any info would be helpful, also any idea as to how much it might be worth would be greatly appreciated. It appears to be a re-lacquer but in great shape, the neck serial # doesn't match, the engraving is pretty sharp and has a phenomenal tone. It is in the shop rn but should have it back in a week or so in great playing condition. Thoughts?
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I have a stencil from this period with features of the Imperial and Comm I. It is a wonderful horn. A stencil is not worth as much as one marked "Martin." On the other hand, I would expect that the lack of a neck to match serial numbers on yours could bring down the value by as much as a couple of hundred. Somebody is going to be darned lucky to get that horn of yours.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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