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Martin Handcraft Standard Tenor

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Hey guys, I just picked up a 1938 Handcraft Standard serial#131XXX that I am trying to turn around and resell. I was wondering if anyone had more info on this period of horn as the history seems a bit foggy. Is it a handcraft? handcraft committee? handcraft/comm II hybrid? Any info would be helpful, also any idea as to how much it might be worth would be greatly appreciated. It appears to be a re-lacquer but in great shape, the neck serial # doesn't match, the engraving is pretty sharp and has a phenomenal tone. It is in the shop rn but should have it back in a week or so in great playing condition. Thoughts?
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It's a Handcraft, period. None of those other models you mention. Good horns, that one looks like it is in good shape.

The relacq and fact neck is not matching serial hurts the resale some. If it was original lacq. with matching neck and in good playing shape (not overhauled, just adjusted and playing well) worth maybe $850-1000.

Given the situation you have there, perhaps $675-775ish....assuming it is a Martin neck.
Thanks for the correction, folks.

I'd like to see the neck, Lick.

Kinda important that the neck would at least be a Handcraft Standard (Special, or even Imperial) neck, as opposed to, say, an Indiana neck or something.

IF it is a Handcraft Standard, Standard Special, or HC Imperial neck....than it doesn't much matter whether serial numbers do not match...the neck design is still the right design for that horn body and therefore that should not effect resale.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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