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Martin Handcraft soprano sax

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I am thinking about getting and martin handcraft soprano sax and I was wondering if anyone knew if they are easy to fix up to be in nice and playable condition. The one I'm looking at is in decent condition, but will need a new set of pads, and a major tune up I'm sure. Does anyone think that it will need more than that? And how much should I be willing to spend to make it playable? Are parts hard to find? Thanks.

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The only really hard to find parts are keys. The pads, springs and many rods are regular stock items common to other horns. Look for one with a good finish as it is difficult and expensive to repair. Loose keywork or rusted rods are things to look for. A really nice one with new pads should run you about $1,200 so deduct for work it may need. The original case adds to the value.
FWIW, these are great sopranos when they are in good playing condition, and in my opinion represent a very good value in the vintage soprano market. I say go for it if the price is decent.
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