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I appreciate that an instrument is worth whatever someone wants to pay but would appreciate an idea of what this horn could be worth. I have owned this horn for about 6 years I think, I can't truthfully remember.

It is as stated above, serial number 111xxx and is marked with the 'Handcraft' and 'Imperial' on the bell, condition is probably 9/10 with very little wear, a barely noticeable little dent in the bell (less than a pinky nail size and quite shallow) and superb lacquer work, which looks to be original. It looks like it's been in a museum rather than played (sadly not played much in my ownership either as I had a mouth ulcer problem for 5 years or so and had to give up) so it probably needs a quick service, nothing wrong as far as I can see so just an oil and check-up I reckon.

I will probably put it up for sale once I know the value, so look out for it in the 'for sale' section.


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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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