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markm said:
If I do write a disseratation, I decided I had better coin some phrases. I will refer to the typical wide bands ("Bell Rings?") mentioned above and seen on most Martins as "wedding band" style. For the less common style -with 5/6 thin lines - joining the bow to body and bell, I will need a term. Would 'Pontiac Hood Stripe' style be accurate?;)
I've never seen a Pontiac, I think :)

Just looked at my Martin Indiana, it has the same thin stripes.

The keywork on my Indiana looks exactly like that on your Belmont! The only difference that I can see, is that the button on the "E" is in a slightly different position on my horn. Also the bell guard and key guards look identical.

I hope (and think) that you found a great horn :)

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The Pontiac is an american car made by General Motors. From about 1935-56 they had a strip of metal that was on the hood and trunk that had multiple stripes. Google 1950 Pontiac and you will see them.
That horn is an Indiana built horn probably from the mid 1930s. Nice!
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