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Mark Watkins : How to produce saxophone sound (with live camera inside mouth)

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Hello SOTW. Since its in Youtube and its free i would like to share the channel of Mr Mark Watkins. I think its the ultimate channel on youtube for someone to watch and learn from the greatest view how the saxophone sound is producing with INSIDE THE MOUTH camera and xray(???) machinary(I dont know what machine is that but you will understand what i mean).
I do not know Mr Mark Watkins but i would like from this forum to congratulate and thank him for his great jod. He is an excellent teacher and person since he shares all these information free for us on net. Thank you Mr Mark Watkins.

Chapter 11: 06 SINGING Falsetto:Altissimo Comparison


Chapter 14: 06 JAZZ Half Tonguing 2

Chapter 10: 01 CONSONANTS Low Notes kʲ

Chapter 15: 01 THE LARYNX Range Larynx

Chapter 14: 01 JAZZ Vocal Tract Comparison

These are some examples. There are many other more inportant videos in his channel!
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Funny and informative stuff Constadinr, thanks for sharing. :)
Weird, amazing... never seen this before! Thanks!
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