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Hey guys,

I recently lost the neck screw (not the lyre screw) on my Mark VI tenor. Anybody have any advice or tios to finding a replacement? Or does anyone have one I could buy? I know that is an absolutely ridiculous question but never hurts to ask... Sorry if this a goofy post..

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Search and it'll be answered, by the way , it is better to be more specific when choosing a title, most would only ever see the title , parts covers a very wide range of things.

I bought some once for Mark V1. From Allied. They were 4 x 0.75 mm
Selmer has used both 4x0.7mm and 4x0.75mm. They changed from one to the other. I don't know which was first. I don't know when. I just stock both.

The most common metric pitch for 4mm is 0.7mm.

0.75mm can't be that non-standard because I have a tap and die for it.

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There is one on eBay right now at $10 purchase price. Search for Selmer Lyre Screw.

Oops, misread your ask. You want the neck screw. Oh well... good luck.
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