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Do not take the VI to school. You will hate yourself later in life.

Find a cheap rental for school if you cant spend the cash on a used one.

Or by a darned Vito alto for 2-300 bucks and play it while you are there. If someone gets cute and thinks its a toy the loss is not severe.
We were all 14 and there are plenty of idiots that respect nothing around you.
ditto that.

friends will do things you wont believe. they wont believe the value, think its funny, whatever. you might want to talk to the person who gave it to you and let them know what its worth. you could loose a friend when they find out.

i took a mk vi to high school in the mid 70's. when they cost about $700. unlike today, they werent so famous. i still regret some of the scratches and lacquer damage. I wish the band director had told my parents to get a cheaper one for school.
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