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They are nice and light and the Backstraps are convenient.
But the inside is way to big for a vintage selmer. The horn has a LOT of room to move

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I believe the polyurethane cases were sold under name "VGV" in the US in the past. PM Woodwind used to stock the them, but apparently they flew off the shelf, supply was insufficient and unpredictable. I own a tenor case and it is excellent. Yes, there is a bit of extra room, but it is well used for accessories stored in Kiwi pouches in which case (ha) the Selmer or like sax stays nicely put.

BTW, I would let my case go for the cost of a Hiscox Artist tenor case. That shaves $200 off the cost of new. My doesn't have the side compartment though. Upon inspection, it defeated the purpose of a compact case.
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