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If your problem is breaking reeds while marching, using a Fibracell or a Plasticover isn't going to fix things. Neither type is any more durable than standard cane, and if you crunch your mouthpiece into something you'll still mangle whatever reed you're using.

You might consider buying a full box of standard Ricos. They're pretty cheap, sound decent for marching band, and a box of 25 might last you a whole season.

As for temperature extremes, I'm not sure if Plasticovers are better than real cane...but they are a lot more consistent with variable humidity because they don't dry out. Ditto for Fibracells, but I've never tried to march them. Either one would work great if you are more careful with them...but they cost more than standard cane.

When I was in a marching band (25 years ago) the only synthetic reed was the Bari plastic, and I did use one on tenor for a year or two. Very buzzy even on the Link HR 6 I used for marching band...not a real nice sound, but never warped or dried out either. I liked Plasticovers, but I always seemed to bump into something and ruin them in a week or two, and they got too expensive to replace all the time. Good luck!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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