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I play the tenor sax.

Through the years of doing marching band, I usually break my reeds while marching. I was wondering what someone would suggest to end my problem? I was thinking Rico Plasticovers, but I have never had any experience with anything testing reeds before.

I would also like to ask what type of reed to get for harsh temperatures.
We do multiple shows outside, and when its either really hot or really cold. I was wondering if I picked up another reed for these conditions, if I would be able to get more response from my instrument.

I am also running on a rent-to-own instrument, and I will be able to choose out my new sax next year. But until then, Im still using the cheap mouthpiece that came with the instrument. What would you suggest I get for a upgrade, if its even worth it. I play in Concert/Marching/Jazz and if multiple mouthpieces would be better, I have really no clue. If anyone could help me out a little it would be great!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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