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At the university I am at, the Marching Band Direstor will not allow a Baritone Saxophone on the field. I have marched with a Baritone Sax. My advise to you is not to strain yourself at all. If you are in high school, keep the good posture and playing position. If you do not and try to do something your body or the horn will not allow you to do, you run a very real risk of hurting yourself. If your band director is the one forcing you to modify your posture or playing position solely for the appearance and visual aspect it will give and not because of something that is not proper, then do yourself a favor and return to the alto or tenor.

Baritone Saxophones are regal instruments. They fill out nicely and fit well in a big band, wind ensemble, symphonic band, rock band, et c. However, I believe they offer nothing musically to a Marching Band where the force of the drum/percussion line and brass sections overpower everything. If you add a Baritone Saxophone, you might as well add a Bassoon and Contraclarinet.

None of the competitive marching band directors I know ever use a baritone saxophone. I live in the land of the Phantom Regiment and Cadets. I see and hear a few shows a year and have yet to see a Baritone Saxophone in any of the bands.
1 - 1 of 46 Posts
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