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Marca / Superial / RJS

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I am after some advice specifically about Marca reeds. A friend plays on RJS 3 Soft or Alexander Superial / or Superial DC reeds so I am hoping someone can assist in determining which Marca reed strengths are similar to those mentioned here. The Marca reeds of interested are the Jazz and American reeds.

thanks in advance.

I did find a chart that cited the RJS 3S to be less resistant than the Marca 2.5 =

I would cite the RJS 3S to be close to a Superial 3 and possibly the Rigotti 3 Medium based upon user advice and comparison charts.


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On Alto, my Marca Jazz Filed 2 1/2 reeds play very similar to my D'Addario Select Jazz 2H, as indicated on the Marce website. But maybe it depends also on the facing curve and length of your mouthpiece.
hmm, very interesting, very interesting indeed - thanks heaps for sharing that. Many forum members may recall my gift of a G.H.Huller tenor to a highly motivated local young musician. She has since decided to add alto to her arsenal. There are many reeds she has not yet encountered so my aim is to run many of these 'past her' (to coin a phrase) so she may settle upon those most appropriate. At present she is becoming familiar with an SML revision D alto - received yesterday.
Thanks for those responses - I ordered a box of 5 Vintage American reeds strength 3. We'll see how these compare to the RJS 3S and the Superial 3s
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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