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Marca / Superial / RJS

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I am after some advice specifically about Marca reeds. A friend plays on RJS 3 Soft or Alexander Superial / or Superial DC reeds so I am hoping someone can assist in determining which Marca reed strengths are similar to those mentioned here. The Marca reeds of interested are the Jazz and American reeds.

thanks in advance.

I did find a chart that cited the RJS 3S to be less resistant than the Marca 2.5 =

I would cite the RJS 3S to be close to a Superial 3 and possibly the Rigotti 3 Medium based upon user advice and comparison charts.


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On Alto, my Marca Jazz Filed 2 1/2 reeds play very similar to my D'Addario Select Jazz 2H, as indicated on the Marce website. But maybe it depends also on the facing curve and length of your mouthpiece.
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