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This is a FINE example of the standard Malerne-made stencil horn of the 1950's. In incredible condition, original lacquer 80%.

THIS one takes me back to the good ol' days of vintage dealing. Prior to the bursting of the fake-economy bubble in 2008, I sold a ton of these...they were pretty popular sellers given the amount of horn you got for very little $.

And my clients were always very happy with what they got.

So this one, a circa mid-'50's Malerne, produced for York USA.

The horn received a complete repad less than a year ago and is playing up and down wonderfully. Some minor scratches and spotting here and there, but really just a very attractive looking, and good playing Tenor. Intonation is in the pocket, and she is free-blowing with just the smallest touch of resistance (tres French, oui).

Nice old-school Tenor tone, very dark, very big, tons of cojones. Comes with her original York case as well....

$639 Paypal, personal check, US Postal MO. $599.50 Paypal F&F. Plus shipping.

US/Canada sales preferred, but I will consider shipping abroad.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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