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Male vocal & tenor sax song suggestions

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Hi, i have asked to accompany a friend who is a baritone voice and sings Big Band tunes. He has what he calls his 'karoake laptop' full of big band-sound backing tracks.

I am a tenor sax gal, and i have no clue about what i could play with him. My only thoughts so far are Straighten up and Fly Right and Baker Street. However, Baker Street is out of his range (too high) and Straighten Up only has a far bars of solo.

Has anyone got any suggestions of what we could perform together, that is relatively easy for the both of us, that is Big Band style, and is pretty well known?? :?

Thanks for your help guys!
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My One and Only Love - Johnny Hartman and John Coltrane - there's a great Stan Kenton big band arrangement of it. I think Lennie Niehaus did the arrangement.
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