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Malaguena - Sax Quartet

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Hi. Here's another one I recently arranged. Couldn't find any existing arrangement so tried a shot at it. I created this arrangement from a combination of DCI's Blast! and a marching band arrangement I downloaded from Sibilius online.

The recording (so so) is at (then click on the Malaguena link).

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Please get them here. ~HR]
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Awesome,I may use that for my sax trio w/ my daughters. Would have to think about what to leave out. When we play adams family,muppet show and sesame street they are quartets but we keave the 2nd alto part out. Doubt that would work foir your arrangement as it is quite a bit more sophisicated then the hal leonard arrangements of the above mentioned pieces. Thanks for sharing-I love Malaguena!!!!!!!!!1
Thank you so much-I saved it in my computer!!!!!!!You really should charge for your arrangements!!!!!!!!!
Thanks and i hope you like it! I don't really consider myself an "arranger"... I just did this because I wanted to find an arrangement and couldn't (plus it's a fun hobby for me to play around with).
Thanks; we'll give it a try next time we meet up in two weeks time.

Thanks so much! Thank you for sending the file to me and all that good stuff. I have changed around some of it for the ensemble. Sadly I have to settle with a clarinet playing the Soprano part, but oh well. I will try to get a recording on here when we perform it in Feb. 2009. Very solid arrangement.
I am going to get a quartet together next year for Solo and ensemble fest. Gonna have to sub a clarinet on the Sop part : / no one at our school plays Sop or plays alto well enough to play above the staff constantly. Still should be kickass!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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