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Making a mold/mandrel for bow guard

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I have this Buffet tenor from 1877 that I'm restoring:!

I've just fixed the dent in the front.
Now I need to re-shape the bow guard. I've managed to get it alright but need to make a mold/mandrel to get a smoother and completely symmetrical shape.
I assume that sugru is too soft (I've never used it). Does anyone have any suggestion on how to make some sort of mandrel for hammering/ironing?
The part of the bow guard that wasnt dented is in perfect shape and I'd like to make a mold from that part and make a mandrel.

I might have to make another bow guard though, as this one has already cracked on a couple of edges from when it was dented. But I'd prefer to keep this saxophone 100% original due to it's historical value! So any ideas and hints are greatly appreciated!

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Wow. I'd say right offhand that you will have to remove the bow and sweat off the bow guard to work on them separately. Using what you have for reference, you might have to make a 'mold' of the bottom of the bow out of hardwood, which would be used first to re-shape the bow. Once you have the bow, you can work the guard to match it. The guard probably should be annealed before any more work since its so beat up and already cracking. All you have to do is get it red hot then let it cool.
Also I just noticed a rather obvious crack in the bow so I guess you'll have to anneal the bow too or you could be looking at more cracks. This is a tough job - I hope an actual metal worker has better news for you.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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