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Making a mold/mandrel for bow guard

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I have this Buffet tenor from 1877 that I'm restoring:!

I've just fixed the dent in the front.
Now I need to re-shape the bow guard. I've managed to get it alright but need to make a mold/mandrel to get a smoother and completely symmetrical shape.
I assume that sugru is too soft (I've never used it). Does anyone have any suggestion on how to make some sort of mandrel for hammering/ironing?
The part of the bow guard that wasnt dented is in perfect shape and I'd like to make a mold from that part and make a mandrel.

I might have to make another bow guard though, as this one has already cracked on a couple of edges from when it was dented. But I'd prefer to keep this saxophone 100% original due to it's historical value! So any ideas and hints are greatly appreciated!

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