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Does anyone have good tips for making a temp soprano ligature?
Thanks Dave

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You probably don't have an Eb soprano clarinet ligature laying around that might fit.
I prefer rubber bands in a pinch.

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There are old threads her about string ligs. A round shoelace and epoxy works fine. I've done a couple. If you silver solder you can also fashion your own out of sheet brass and use a Rovenor screw and bars (available for $8). That's all I use now.

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this ain't what you're asking, but i found that my two favorite ligatures fit both hard rubber soprano and metal tenor pieces perfectly. my favorite ligature is a simple Rovner jazz, that came with my Ponzol ML tenor piece, which I use with both my soprano Buescher "pickle" and a Selmer Concept.

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I posted a thread a long time ago showing how to make ligs from string/cord/twine and glue. It's easy and fun. You have to press the finished lig on firmly to get it to hold the reed securely. It's certainly serviceable. I learned this a million years ago from a clarinetist in the Coast Guard Band, Ralph Loomis, who used them exclusively for many years:

Lots of different types of glue will work. I settled on Aleene's Clear Gel craft glue, it is inexpensive, easy to work with, and works and looks great:

This post has a picture of a few that I made out of various types of cord and twine:
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