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i have a sax exam in 1 month or so and i recently just changed my embouchure....

i went from teeth on top and lower lip curled around my teeth alot to

teeth on top and vee shape with bottom lip

i've been practicing building my very weak muscles as i used to bite to get a sound.....


-i have three volumes loud, very loud and very very very loud :(
-Intonation is all over the shop with lower register flat and higher register sharp
-higher notes are coming out as an octave below or multi-phonics or something strange... when i try to add more pressure it feels like im squeezing the life out of the horn

btw i just recently had my sax serviced

its very frustrating.......lengths we go to to improve our tone etc!!!

any help or advice would be most appreciated!

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Get a private instructor ASAP (as soon as possible). A competent teacher on site can do far more, and more effectively too, than we can do for you online.
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