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Magna Tenor Too Cheap?

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Hi to everybody,
(I have posted this also in Marketplace/EBay experiences).
May I have some experienced opinion on this Martin Magna (tenor) auctioned on EBay?
It is 811 USD when I write this (8 hours to end). No reserve.
Is it a reasonable price?
I'm asking because I bought a Pre-RMC Magna for a lot more that this some months ago (almost 3 times this one).
Just for my knowledge: Did I pay too much?
Can one expect this one in Ebay to get higher bids before ending?
Does it make any difference if it is pre RMC or not?
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Only went up by just over a thousand.... $1882

Thanks goodness ebay wouldn't let me bid - I could just see it sitting beside my magna alto ! Saved again...
Magna Gone

Bruce you were right!
It finally didn't go that cheap.
I feel a bit relieved now (I'm too inexperienced in vintage saxes and EBay world).
Cheers to everybody.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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