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Mad Tenor - J-Moen Tribute to Sonny

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I decided to do another new recording in the new home as I continue to unpack. I really love the sound I'm getting on this 10mfan Chameleon. Thanks Mark, it's so much fun to play! Hope you all enjoy!!
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From the feedback I received elsewhere, I am off on the feel of this song completely and need to rework this one. I'll add this one to my shedding projects and hopefully make something more listenable as a tribute to Sonny.
Thank you both very much! I definitely am more fluid in the changes - as someone else roughly said, 'the notes are good now work on feel'

Gonna be some rough practices focusing on articulation, effects, time and rhythms! I'll see if I can transcribe out Sonny's solo, that could be fun!
Yeah man...keep playing that tenor sax like a tenor sax. Sonny's full tenor sound is coming out of your horn.
Thank you for the Very kind words!
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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