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The headline may very well explain the whole purpose of this thread, but let me get a bit more into detail:

My final abitur (highest school graduation one can get here in Germany) exam is going to take place next Monday and it's supposed to be a presentation.
I choose that presentation to be held in music and had to hand in some possible topics. The examiners' choice was "Original and arrangement: "Moritat von Mackie Messer from Brecht's "Dreigroschenoper" - the jazz standard "Mack the Knife."

Since these guys who determine the marks surely want to hear a highly sophisticated presentation about the tunes, I should be able to give detailed information about the arrangements.

That's where I'm a bit stuck at the moment. I've got great recordings both from the original (Brecht singing the tune himself :)) and a great version of Mack the Knife played by Louis Armstrong, but I think it is necessary to know about the chords or even have at least one score present.

Can anyone fill me in about the chords that standard normally uses or is there anyone among you who can even send me the score?

Any help is highly appreciated and sincere thanks in advance,

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