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M1 Neck

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I've been playing sax for a few years (5) and I recently picked up a YAS-82Z
It has the standard G1 neck and I was wondering if an M1 neck would make any difference in tone. There isn't any problem with the G1 neck, by I'm just curious and would like to try something new. I have no idea where to find one to test it out, either.
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the m-1 neck has more resistance and less flexibility and a little less resonant on the lowest and highest notes, but is easier to play in tune.the m-1 is slightly brighter in my opinion even though the sound is not as powerful. if you want a darker sound then i would suggest a ponzol or barone neck.
I actually shelved my G1 on my 62II in favor of the old M1. Works fine for me, but that's just my preference.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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