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Low Resistance MPC?

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Hi all --

my mouthpiece (oTTo Link Tone Edge 7, Rico Jazz Select #3 reeds) has a rather high resistance in combination with my sop, especially in the high register. Since I am mostly a tenor player, I am more used to a free-blowing setup and the high resistance on the sop bothers me.

Are there any sop mouthpieces that are know to have a lower resistance and blow freely?

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Also a tenor man, I solved this by going to a softer, richer reed on sop. I'm using a Rico Plasticover #1.5 on a Guardals 'Liebman'. The horn plays louder, more free and without any response or intonation problems.
You may try a Selmer S90-200 or a Morgan Vintage 5
I also think you should try a little softer reed.
I've found all the Jody Jazz pieces I've played very low resistance.
Yeah, my kid really dug the original Jody Jazz pieces for that very reason.
A Selmer SS may work for you. Think small chamber.
saintsday said:
Think small chamber.
Does a small chamber mpc have less resistance? I never thought about that.
Giganova said:
Does a small chamber mpc have less resistance? I never thought about that.
Yes. The air moves faster, so it feels less resistant.
I alternate when practicing between my tenor and my soprano. When I use the Runyon (similar to a JJ), the difference in blowing between the sop and tenor is not very big. I use soft #2 ZZ reeds. The SS F has more resistance played moderately in the middle of the range.

But I suspect that you can always make resistance if you want to. Blowing hard will produce resistance on anything! I play trumpet and am used to plenty of resistance when I play high notes. So when I use the sop to scream FFF on D3-G3, I use a lot of effort to fold against the resistance. You are not pushing air through the horn. You are pushing Mach waves! My dog and parrot hate it when I do that.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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