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Low Notes

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I have been learning to play alto sax for the past couple of years and I'm quite happy with tone production in the middle and to an extent, the high register. However, I have an issue with the low register.

I can play the low B flat and low C, but the low B sounds exactly the same as low C.

I'm pretty sure I am fingering it properly but have attached a few images below that should show what I am doing.

Left hand

Right hand

Both hands

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Alan: Welcome to SOTW. It appears your left pinky is opening the C# vent. The low B (we call it B1) is the spatula just above where your left pinky is resting.
Dave's right, it looks like you are fingering a C#, however the B key is not above that one you are fingering, it's next to it, i.e. closer to the centre of your body.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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