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Low note problem

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I have been playing the alto for nine months and can get good low notes (below low D) to sound quite nicely - except that recently every time I tongue a low C or lower, it sounds for a split second an octave higher, then falls to the correct note. If it is a short note it hardly has time to sound correctly before I'm moving on. If I am running down the scale with tied notes they sound fine (at least, they are on the correct pitch!).

I have tried to change my embouchure and air supply, and different reeds, but can't cure it.

Any ideas?
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It takes at least 10 years of hard work to master low notes! And I mean on a fine working, in excellent condition sax. That is because you have to relax the larynx, while you still have to be able to move your tongue, that is connected to the larynx, to hit the reed.
Further more, playing octave jumps,require a souplesse of the larynx that is only obtained through a lot of excersize.
High notes, low notes are the most difficult issues on sax. Perhaps you may be able to play them very soon after you have taken up saxophone. But it takes years to make them sound right.

So, be patient and work hard. And see to it that you have a teacher.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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