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Low Life

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I heard a nice tune Low Life but can't find a copy of the music and also who has recorded it many thanks in advance
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Reedsplinter said:
Or "Night Life"?
Or perhaps "Street life" with the Crusaders and Randy Crawford?

But actually Sting has a lovely tune called "Low Life" which is on the Live recording "Bring on the night". Fantastic album, BTW, on of the best recordings ever with Sting. Confirming what we all think, truly great musician really shine on live recordings. Featuring of course the fabulous Branford Marsalis on soprano and tenor. Highly recommended.

hakukani said:
Ah, yes, a tune from Sting's Police days. I'm a big fan of Sting and the Police both. Funny I didn't think of that one. I guess I compartmentalize jazz standards and pop/rock tunes.
Yes, I agree. There is a lot of nice pop/rock music, and Sting is definitely in there among the best. Police is great too. Those guys were already playing some great stuff at that time. In retrospect, it is perhaps not so surprising that he went on to create the great hybrid jazz-pop band with Marsalis, Daryl Jones and colleagues on his first solo recordings.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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