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Low Bb too flat on curved soprano

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I've got 2 vintage straight sopranos and 2 curved. I can get them all to play in tune except for the oldest Carl Fischer Buescher stencil from the 'teen's that doesn't even have pearl keywork. I can play it in tune (well...) except for the low C# down to Bb, where the notes get continually worse out of tune to where I can actually lip down to A on the Bb. I've tried to push the mouthpiece in, even filed out a groove to curve around the octave pip. I had this problem on the other curved, a Martin stencil Symphony, and the groove solved my
problem, but not with the Carl Fischer. Could it be the sax, or do I need to buy even more mouthpieces?! I have vintage pieces that work well with my straight ones, also a Meyer 9 and a skinny Runyon 6 that all work fine. I've tried to search for a similar thread but need help on this one.
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Some sopranos are just out of tune - and nothing can be done to improve them. Most of my tuning issues (need to be sharp a bit) involve vintage sops. But when I play good vintage sops (ones that are in tune) the interior design of the mouthpiece is a non-issue for me. My vintage sops play well with modern pieces.

I too have dealt with tuning issues on vintage sopranos by cutting down the barrels of some mouthpieces. That allows them to shove on further, but I also run into problems with that process because the inside of the piece will only allow so much neck, thus even the cut-off pieces sometimes bottom out.

Fortunately, I've never had to shove on THAT far, but the cut-down barrels do help. And, for what it is worth, my Super Sessions are the best pieces for tuning sharp. I wouldn't waste more time on that Carl Fischer curvy. DAVE
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