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Low Bb Specific Bari Cases...

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Which low Bb specific cases are available for a MkVI bari?

Not interested a ProTec or similar that fits both low A and Bb baris, but a good compact case specifically built for a low Bb bari. The important criteria here being it has to be well fitted inside and well supported along the back of the body tube so neither the Eb keyguard nor the crook socket rests against the back while it's being carried.

Are Mauriat low Bb baris supplied with a low Bb specific case?
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I carry my Yanagisawa B991 in a Winter case, because it is light and sufficient. I have also searched for a Low Bb case for years. Had a 12M for a long time, but have now had my Couf Superba I for the last five years. I had it in a cheap bag for a long time, but decided to get an SKB a few years ago when those came out, as they fit the large bell of the horn OK. However, the case is much more bulky than the "Low A specific" Winter case (which also fits Keilwerth horns, btw). I, too, have a small car and fitting it in is a hassle...not as bad as the Protec (HUGE!!!)

Winter used to make a low B specific case that was used for the SX90 Keilwerth Low Bb horns...anybody know if these are still available in Europe? Haven't found anybody willing to try and order me one in the US.

I'm also considering one of the Cronkhite bags...need to find one to try and see if the 'standard' pattern fits the oversize bell of the Couf or if I have to go custom.
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