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Low B-flat when hitting low B issue

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If I hit the Low B key at all while playing the low B-flat, low B-flat will not come out. There is some sort of leak (I'm assuming).

I was under the impression that hitting both should still close the pads to play low B-flat.
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It may be that if the finger is contacting the edge of the Bb spatula near the B key touch that you are not getting the full leverage of the key to close both the large pads on the bell. If you have a way to put a light into the bell and press the B key very lightly followed by the Bb key, you can quickly tell if there is a regulation or a pad closing problem. To cover the tonehole perfectly with just the lightest touch should be the standard for those notes if you have a professional model sax.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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