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I know what the opinions are on these horns, and I ahve to say that I mostly agree with the claims of horrid intonation and such, but I have one story to share.

I was at a Jazz competition with my college jazz ensemble and the lead player for one of the headlining college ensembles was using a low-A mark VI alto. I saw it and cringed, but as soon as she (yes, she-the greatest female sax I've ever heard) started wailing, I could tell that this horn was not your typical low-A VI. After the gig, I asked her aobut it, and she'd bought it before she got serious because it was 'cool', and she didn't care aobut the intonation much. When she did get serious though, instead of opting for a new/different horn, she went to her tech and said "fix it." She had the intonation fixed with a few changes and setup things, including moving/modifying one of the tone holes on the bell. She also had some key work modified to fit her hands a bit better, as well as some other neat little things, like the etching being redone and some customizing.

She made sure she wasn't gonna want a new one anytime soon, and got the horn playing nicer than when it left the factory.

Anyway, anyone got any good Low-A alto stories?
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