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Last Friday I got the SC901 I bought on ebay. Last night I got a chance to play it at a gig, weekly jam night at Vermont Jazz Center. It was awesome.

I never got so many compliments on how good I sounded. The best part was they were mostly from the best saxophone players in the area. While I played my first solo, I could see that the other players were all watching me to see what this sax would sound like since nobody else who goes there has a curvy. When I finished one guy said "wow, that is really in tune!"

I hadn't been going to the jam for awhile as I was getting blown away by a piano player throwing a lot of altered chords and tempos at me. Last night I listened closer to what he was doing and it came out great.

So, I am really psyched to be playing at the jam again, and will definitely be going more regularly. This horn is such a blast to play. Not only is the intonation fantastic, but so is the tone.

I spent a long time trying to figure out if I even wanted to buy a curvy. People saying they blast the sound into your face made me almost not get one, but I haven't found this SC901 to be like that at all. Then some people say the SC901 is a bright horn. I don't find it to be bright at all, and that's after having an SML Rev D tenor be my main axe for awhile.

I had also been considering horns costing twice as much. Some of them seem to have inconsistent reviews, and it seems like some of them a lot of sotwers have once owned by sold (my thought: not keepers.) In any case, I think I found my baby. What more could I ask for?

Special thanks to sotw and the posters who helped me come to this decision.
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