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LOVE my new CE Winds DV tenor!

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I have owned 1 Selmer Mark Vl, Couf Superba1, 2 Yamaha Custom Z's (silver & gold Laq), Guardala black Nickel, 3 Cannonballs since 1985 and I can say that the CE Winds DV is the fastest, most responsive and most dynamic tenor I have played to date. Very happy upgrading from the A2 Ice Storm. I have play tested P. Muariats and new Selmer models( thumbs up on the series 3) but wayyy too much bread. So to all those who read this contimplating on which tenor to own.. by all means get a DV in your hands for a test drive. Mercedes Benz... CE Winds DV hmmmm :)
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Sure, compare driving a Kia (nice auto right?) vs. driving a Lexus. The bare brass resonates more. The action as way faster. whispers all the way down to Bb easily. One is made in China the other in Taiwan. Hope this helps
DV = Dark Vintage
Yes they have Brian :) Brian at CE Winds has bent over backwards to make sure I am happy with my tools of the trade. I have finally found my home with CE Winds
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