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"Love Is Here To Stay"---10MFAN Gen ll Showboat alto mpc ---live with big band

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Robert Anchipolovsky live with big band, on his 10MFAN Gen ll SHOWBOAT 7 alto mpc


German bar stock hard rubber Showboat alto mpc
Only $350 in German bar stock hard rubber and orange Ultem.
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Thank you very much.
Guys are loving this alto mouthpiece. Lots of power and punch for a modern setting, and beauty for that Phil Woods vibe. VERY versatile.
The sax player for the Beach Boys told me he loves his Showboat Mpc so much for the punch and body.
I love hearing Robert play and he sends me clips every couple of days. He is using my orange Ultem Black Widow on tenor, and can warm that piece up like nobodies business. It’s amazing.

Really glad you liked it!
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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