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Louis Jordan's tenor mpc?

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Can anyone please identify the mpc Louis Jordan plays in this video clip?
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I would guess Brilhart Tonalin, judging by the color and shape, however Britone's are also white and share a similar shape, as do some rare Dukoff's. However from what (I think) looks to be a black bite patch, and the most likely option, I would bet it's a Tonalin.
What kinda tenor is that?
Brilhart Tonalin without a doubt. Same on alto.
Horn looks like a Conn to me, or it could be a King. Definitely not a Selmer or SML. (Or Buffet, which I suppose might be the other choice.) It could be a Buescher, but I've never seen a Buescher with a neck like that. (Look at how the octave key is attached.) I've seen him play both...

Does anyone know if he had an endorsement deal? His band was pretty popular...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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