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lost corks

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Hi all, Happy Xmas

can you give me some advice, i occasionally lose corks from under the levers of my alto sax, and cant find a glue that hold hold new cork replacements

your advice would be appreciated

regards eddie
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On rather small areas, the particular contact glue becomes more fussy. So does the thickness of glue that is applied, Too thick, or inappropriate glue, and the result is a cork that rather easily "slimes" its way off the key.

Also, it is difficult to do a good, thin, even application of glue without removing the key.

Always, how a material is used is just as important as the material itself.
I have also found superglue - done by others... I don't use it - to be less reliable, usually parting from the metal.
Reason? Hmmm. It is possibly a lot more fussy about surfaces being uncontaminated with any trace of oil or grease.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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