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Looking for Studio Musician for Recording

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My name is Mike and I run the music collaboration website It's a website that allows songwriters to post a classified-type ad for musicians they want to perform on their song.

Just wanted to give a heads up that somebody is looking for a clarinet recording for their Jazz piece. You would record your addition to the song, upload it to the website, and if the songwriter likes it - you will earn $35 to your Paypal Account!

Listen to and download the song here and start recording!

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On second thought.......after looking at the site, I guess it is kind of cool and more geared towards hobbyists who would find it exciting to take part in a recording. I could see how it would be cool to have a bunch of people submit tracks and you win. That would feel good........I probably would have done it in high school and thought it was cool.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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