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welcome to Barcelona

Hi Ville, and be very welcome in Barcelona,

I've just seen your message and read the thread now.
I do not go out for jazz/music sessions too often, but If I could be of any help to you, just send me an email with any question you may have: [email protected].
I may suggest you to visit the JazzSí club at Recasens street. They perform groups there on weekdays form 20:00 to 22:00 (latin, jazz, flamenco, etc.) and, as far as I remember there are also jam sessions. It's a nice and funny place, the ticket is something like 7 euros and you have a drink included!!
Sorry but I'm not aware if saxes can be rented in Barcelona.
On the other hand, I am now trying to set up an amateur group just for fun. Since I have my family commitments (I am 45), I can not afford to go out to rehearse more than one night a week, but I'm really excited with the project. I'm going to meet some people next week.
I play tenor.
Did you take your mouthpiece with you?
Maybe we could meet…
Have fun!
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