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To all NJ & NYC based Jazz-Rock Fusion Sax players,
>>>>>I have a unique CD recording project that nears completion. The style is unique in that it combines Rock, Jazz & Moviesound music with orchestration. Most of the material on this project is instrumental although there will be vocal. Some pieces have a full symphony orchestra sound and others have a very percussive keyboard approach. The final piece which I would like to try applying a sax to is like something from a combination of music you'd hear from The Dixie Dregs and Edgar Winter's "Frankenstein". The piece of music is quite heavy and will put the cherry on top of a year long project that any player would be proud to be a part of.
>>>>>My problem is that Ive run out of cash but still need an experienced player with awe inspiring chops and feel. If your good, this will not take you long. If money is a problem, I'll understand if you pass, but if it's not, and your a player with experience and have an afternoon or two to lay down a few takes, I'd like very much to hear from you. Eventhough the monetary aspects are lacking to the player that helps out, I still understand the meaning of the word gratitude and am willing to barder my abilities in return which run the gamit of 30 years as a keyboard player, drummer percussionist and producer/engineer. Please send your inquiries to
[email protected]. Thanks for reading.
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