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I'm working on a series of original pieces for mid-size jazz ensemble.

The scores are written for soloist, 5-piece horn section, and rhythm. A flexible approach to instrumentation is used. The soloist can be just about any mid-range instrument. The horn section is configured from a pool of instruments that are within the range of each line. Examples: 5 saxes, 5 brass, mix of saxes & brass, woodwind quintet, clarinet ensemble, or a custom mix of tone colors. The scores can also be adapted for strings. The rhythm section needs a minimum of guitar and/or piano, bass, and drums. Other instruments can be added.

It's possible that these scores could be played by big bands by doubling parts.

The music covers a lot of ground -- from straight-forward to OUT. I like to write in ways that enable the horn section players to have freedom in shaping the music as does a soloist.

If you'd like to take the music for a test drive, please contact me.

A selection of my originals can be heard at the attached link.

Thanks, Roger
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