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Looking for info on Berg Larsen "P" model

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So, I just won an eBay auction for a duckbilled 90/2/offset M stainless Berg, which I thought was worth the price that I won it for alone, as 90 is around my tip opening and I like the "2" chamber on bergs. But anyway, apparently there's an engraved "P" on this piece. I've never seen this before on any Bergs I have seen.

Has anyone seen this before or know anything about this "P"?

Thank you for any info!
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Theo just recently opened his new web site. It contains info on the "P" Bergs.
Thank you for the info Mojo! I'm glad Theo has his website up again! I was really missing having all the vintage mouthpiece info at hand. Also, his mouthpieces look top-notch! I might have to buy one of his ligatures as well, WOW!


I received the Berg a couple days ago, and I must say.... THIS IS THE BEST BERG I'VE EVER PLAYED! Wow! My opinions of Bergs have now changed after playing this piece! It plays with a mild edge; enough to cut through whatever I want. But, it has enough smoothness and low end to not sound like nasely. It is faced incredibly, and I assume it is original, or it was refaced by a true pro. After playing the piece for almost a week, it might just beat out my Brilhart Great Neck as my new main piece. It really is a great mouthpiece! Keep an eye out for these "P" model duckbill 1940's Bergs. They really are something special!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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