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I currently use a line of sax and bass clarinet stands from a small manufacturing firm in northern Indiana, stands made to the Anderson patent. This is a four arm diecast aluminum bottom, attached to any one of several different uprights (for alto, tenor or bass clarinet) with a machine screw held by a wing nut.

They fold up quite well to a minimal size, and have peg locations on two of the longer legs for clarinet or flute pegs.

The company is long gone from its former location (I last bought from them direct in the early 1980's), and they don't seem to be alive anywhere else. From the Hume & Berg website's list of instrument stands (which also seems to be inactive; all have "$0.00" listed as a price), it appears that they may have (at one time) sold these stands (this as evidenced by the listing of separate alto and tenor upright parts for their stand; the Anderson stand uses different parts with a common base for their stands as well).

I have purchased a couple of these through eBay, but as a source eBay is not very dependable.

I am interesting in finding more Anderson stands, either in whole or in parts, as I recently received a request for a copy of my "H-bar" combination baritone/bassoon/alto/tenor/whatever straight horns you want to use stand, and I don't want to cut too deeply into my dwindling stash of Anderson materials.

Any help would be appreciated, even if only to point me in the right direction to continue my search...
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