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Looking for advanced technical studies

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Looking to take my technique to the next level. Let me define techniques. I am looking to improve my physical dexterity on the sax. In a nut shell I want to improve my ability to play passages with complicated rhythms and difficult fingerings at a high rate of speed and accuracy. Any suggestions on books that would help me focus on this.
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Andrew White has some books called "Finger Busters" that will keep you busy and drive you crazy - and then there is always the Marcel Mule exercise books. I know Fred Weiner has the Mule books and Dorn publications was selling the Andrew book. Otherwise do a search button for Andrew White to get his address in DC.
There's two books in a series by Karg-Elert (check the spellings on these) that have very interesting rhythms, fingerings, etc.

They have a green cover.

Give them a look

Any fast amazing piece will take time. How I go about playing something difficult is turn the metronome slow enough that I can play all of the articulations notes dynamics and have the feel of the piece "perfect". I make a goal depending on how much time I will have. 2 beats a day sometimes. It may sound slow, but by the time you have it up to tempo, you will never miss a note or anything. I hope this helps :)
Ferling 48 Studies. Dont Buy the mule version(too expensive) Yellow cover. These are Great.
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