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Looking for a vintage sax valutaion and best place to sell it ( conn naked lady)

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I am located in the Manchester area and have a conn naked lady gold re-laquered alto sax c 1933 ish- (can't remember the exact serial number off hand). I got this in the US about 2 years a go but then upgraded to a mint condition silver conn naked lady. So I'm looking to sell this one.

I paid $750 for it and its pretty much in the same condition as it was when i bought it, it's not perfect but has the rolled tone holes and a great sound. i was wondering if anyone knows anywhere i can get this valued? i'm hoping its worth more in the UK given the exchange rate etc... i want to sell this locally if possible- is private ads the way to go or will I get a good price for it at a shop? i want 500 for it as a minimum- is this realistic?
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Take a look at There is a 6M on there at the moment. How does yours compare?

- Michael
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