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Hello all:

I'm trying to look for a new case for alto sax. I have a yamaha 62II and probably eventually will get a selmer paris horn, so a case that will fit both of those.

I found a case on amazon that looks like what I want, but also seems questionable because the price is very good and it is a brand I've never heard of before.

It's a sky case, and it says lightweight, which causes some alarm, but I was wondering if anyone had any opinion or experience with these cases

Thats a link to it on amazon, so you all can see it. I saw a protec case very similar to it a little while ago, but I can't seem to find it now. I would like a case that has backpack straps, an outside pouch for storage and able to protect the saxophone. I don't think I'll be doing any traveling by air anytime soon, so I won't need a case to survive that much, but I am in college and the saxophone is always moving around in a bulidng.

Any comments or recommendations?

Thank you for the help

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It is what it is.A cheap case.I would not use it for heavy gigs in a van etc but ok for round the doors.Trouble with these ultra cheap cases is there just hard polystyrene with a thin inside cloth cover with a sax shape cut out.No soft padding really.Protec have nice padding.Your best getting a good branded proven case,Winter,hiscox,bam,protec etc etc

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I recently purchased a SKY clarinet case and it does not come close to fitting any clarinet I have.



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Most modern altos will fit in a ProTec case. But ProTecs aren't just for modern horns, either.

I have three ProTec cases - they can hold a '25 TrueTone, a '32 Cigar Cutter, a Big B Aristocrat, a MKVI, and a Ref 54 (horns I have now). These horns have all three styles of bell pads - split, left side, and right side.

And, most altos have similarly sized bells. True, some have larger bells than others (like a CB Big Bell or a TH&C) so that would be a factor, but your Yamaha is not dissimilar to other modern altos. DAVE
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