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I like to look back at things from time to time. Here's a blast from a past recording:

This is my version of the late, great Leon Russell's "A Song for You."

If memory serves correct, it was my mother-in-law who suggested this song for me to record. At the time I was working a lot with Zachary Spiezer in what would turn out to be a pre-cursor to all of our OMNI work. This track features Jay Stapleton, Mark Dixon, and Rick Maier as the core band. I'm on Soprano sax, and the fabulous Nancy King is doing a rare (and perhaps only?) R&Bish track.

Nancy King is one of the finest jazz singers on the West Coast. She has a long and impressive career as a jazz artist. She has worked/recorded with all kinds of musical greats: Karrin Allyson, Fred Hersch, Ralph Towner, Vince Guaraldi, Ray Brown, Herb Ellis, and the pioneering group Oregon.

I hired her for a handful of gigs here and there as a young saxophonist on the scene. She was nice to me, told me stories, and even gave me some reassuring pats on the back during a gig where I was particularly nervous performing with her. She was easy to work with in the studio and knocked this track out in no time flat. I've seen here perform numerous times and her duo recordings with Steve Christofferson are something special.

I put this out in 2006 and the album features DJ Law aka (Damien Hayes) and DJ FlipFlip aka (Kenny Vanderberg) along with a few other choice guest artists.

We all have brushes with greatness, and here's one of mine with Nancy King. Enjoy.

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