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'Lonely Woman' chord changes?

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I just got BIAB and right after I learn how to use it (!!!) I really want to make my own backing tracks. One of the first I'd like to make is for Ornette Coleman's 'Lonely Woman', for alto.

I have the head from Schuller's transcription book but no idea of the chord changes.

Is that the whole point of Ornette's 'free' style???
Does anyone have any idea?

View attachment Lonely Woman - Ornette Coleman - Schuller.pdf
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You have the changes there for the solo, for the main part you may want to program only the D drone; I'm no expert, but I think the ambiguity of the changes is what makes the playing of this in an ensemble so much fun. You have that drone, and then the two voices give you the triad feel, only in the solos you have the pedal point as one guide and whatever the trumpet does then limits what the alto can do and vice-versa. I'd say the big trick is to keep the aural image of the melodic line screaming loud inside your head.

The HR Big Band do a full big band arrangment of this. I'd love to see that score!
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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