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Logic Express for notation (as well as recording)

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I just set up an iMac for home use, and found that my old version of Finale Allegro isn't compatible. An upgrade costs $300, which doesn't make sense for my limited use (and it would be really irritating).

Garage Band seems like it would satisfy my recording needs, but it doesn't have a real notation feature.

How is Logic Express for notation as well as recording and building tracks?

I mainly want to compose, work out harmonies and modest arrangements. And Logic seems like a good all around tool.
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Logic is a great, complex, cool program. I'd not go the express version, but the full version. You get better everything with it (Compressors, loops, instruments).

Logic does have some notation stuff. I'm sure you could use it if you learned. Any notation program is going to require you to learn how it works. It might make more sense to see if Logic can handle your notation needs…'s not a full blown thing in the league of Sibelius or Finale, but it would work well for lead sheets and stuff.
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